Overcome IMPOSTER Syndrome (english version)

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ATTENTION: Feeling Like A Fraud At Work? You May Have Imposter Syndrome!

“How To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Build Self-Confidence at Work and in Life”

Learn To Value Yourself and Your Accomplishments

From: Bob Percieval

Did you know that about 70% of people experience imposter syndrome sometime in their life? You are not alone if you feel like a fraud at work. Do you constantly doubt your abilities and are worried people will “find out” you got “lucky” in achieving success?

Your first step to get past imposter syndrome is to change that mindset. You didn’t get lucky to get where you are today- you earned it! So, if you know you worked hard to achieve success, why do you have imposter syndrome? For most of us, this negative cycle stems from our childhoods.

Do you want to change what you think? Make sure to keep reading! Imposter syndrome is real and can be challenging to deal with. If you want to move on and celebrate all of your successes, this book will be able to assist you. You will notice positive change coming into your life as you work through imposter syndrome management.

Recognize Imposter Syndrome

When you have imposter syndrome, you can’t recognize it until you learn all of the symptoms. If you feel constantly inadequate at work and in your relationships, then you likely have this negative cycle occuring in your life. Many people feel self-doubt, but it becomes imposter syndrome when it never goes away.

Learn to Manage It

Learning to manage this condition can be very challenging. You will need to learn to be kinder to yourself and find the root of the syndrome. For many people, they had critical parents who taught them they needed to be perfect. When you understand you don’t need perfectionism in your life, it becomes so much easier.

Encourage Others to Do the Same

Recognizing imposter syndrome in others is also very important, especially if you are in a management position. You want to encourage your employees and coworkers to talk with you about how they are feeling. Doing so will promote a very healthy work environment and help others deal with imposter syndrome.

The Solution

If you want to manage imposter syndrome and learn to feel successful once again, then you will want to learn the skills needed to assess your achievements. You will also need to determine where your imposter syndrome stems from, so you can cut it out of your life.

There are five different types of imposter syndrome- each with a slightly different cause. You will want to know which type you have, so you can overcome it. Dealing with imposter syndrome on your own can be challenging, but you need to recognize that you don’t have to be alone in this.

We put together a detailed and informative guide for you. It includes all of the information you will need to recognize and deal with imposter syndrome. If you want to move forward with your career, then you will want to read what we have for you.

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How To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Build Self-Confidence at Work and in Life


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01 – 3 Surprising Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome
3 Surprising Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome In this presentation I am going to tell you a few things about yourself. Maybe I shouldn’t call my shot that hard but given the subject matter it’s easy to be confident. The matter at hand is Imposter Syndrome, one of the most common psychological issues facing modern humans. Today, we are going to be looking at three symptoms of Imposter Syndrome that you might not know are symptoms of it. So, strap in, because we are about to get so psychological.
02 – 3 Ways Imposter Syndrome Can Impact Your Career
03 – 5 Different Types Of Imposter Syndrome
04 – 5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Fail
05 – 5 Ways To Boost Self-Confidence At Work Today
06 – 10 Tips For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
07 – How Imposter Syndrome Is Holding You Back In Your Career
08 – How To Break The Cycle Of Doubt At Work
09 – Understanding The Relationship Between Imposter Syndrome And Self-Confidence
10 – What Is Imposter Syndrome + 3 Ways To Fight It At Work